Zombiecon 2007 Recap

October 22, 2007

Two days ago Saturday the nervous prophecies of an undead gathering came true: a few hundred of New York’s finest undead took to the streets of the Upper East Side, bringing with them blood, carnage, and a desire for conspicuous consumption.

The day couldn’t have been any more beautiful as we started at 59th and 3rd Avenue, walking east towards Bloomingdale’s. As was pointed out by The Zombie Queen, Bloomingdale’s security and employees seems to be increasingly nonchalant about the presence of the undead in their store every year. The shoppers, however, were universally confused and bemused.

Highlight Number 1

As we lurched across 5th Avenue to the fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel, a breakdancing crew was just starting a routine for some tourists. Not only were the dancers cool about several hundred bloodied 20 and 30 somethings crashing their act, but one of them put Thriller on the sound system and kicked off an impromptu zombie dance party.

Zombies at the Plaza Fountain

Highlight Number 2

Zombie group photo at the Army recruiting station in Times Square. Below is a picture from the group’s perspective, but you can still see Zombie King’s ominous head in the dead center of the shot.

Zombie Times Square Recruiting Station

Highlight Number 3

The outfits. Its amazing the effort and creativity some people put into their costumes. Personal favorites of mine include

Zombie Pete Doherty Amy Winehouse

Zombie Pete Doherty and Zombie Amy Winehouse,

Amish Zombie

Amish Zombie (not visible are a garden tool and basket on his back),

Marcel Marceau Zombie Mime

And of course, Zombie Marcel Marceau/Zombie Mime. An opera hat with a flower in it is more difficult to find than you’d imagine.

I wish I’d been able to take pictures myself, but I was a bit busying with the zombie wrangling, which is about as easy as cat wrangling only the cats are easily distracted by tourists and expensive clothing and you’re trying to herd them down 5th Avenue. So instead thanks for the photos I’ve used here must go to Grant Berger and IsaacWayton.

And finally, lavish mountains of praise must be heaped upon Irene Kaoru for providing overall organization, as well as Ricky’s, Carriage House, O’Lunney’’s, and M1-5 for giving us shelter as we lurched, shuffled and shambled from 5th Avenue to Chinatown. The day wouldn’t have been possible without all of their help.