Tompkins Scare Park & Halloween Dog Parade

October 29, 2007

After an unfortunate wash-out last year, Tompkins Scare Park was set to happen on the 27th of October this year regardless of the weather. It did end up raining again this year, but that didn’t stop the Action Arts League from working with a number of other groups to put on a great day-long series of events and performances in the center of the East Village.

Even more heartening was the number of kids and families who came out even in the early morning drizzle to check everything out and get themselves involved in a bit of participatory Halloween activity. Kostume Kult spent the morning giving out costumes to any kids or adults who stopped by, and I think a few undead participants from last week’s Zombiecon even showed up to compete in this year’s Zombie Olympics:

(Picture Credit to joujoubee)

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The organizers of the 17th annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade, Friends of First Run, decided not to brave the inclement weather and instead took their event to Sunday. Once the parade began the dogs were mostly corralled inside the dog run and out of picture range, but I snapped a few pictures of costumed pups before the event began:

(Full set of pictures can be found here.)