Insert Title Here: A Novel: A Trend

September 20, 2007

-> U Has Cumfy Lit <-

The Barnes & Noble on the ground floor of my office building is great for browsing on those odd days I don’t work through lunch, and I’ve been bothered more and more by the number of books titled “Insert Title Here: A Novel” which appear around the store. (I concede this is a sign of a fairly unchallenging life.)

I considered the possibility that it was just me, that I had fixated on the idea of “Insert Title Here: A Novel.” Maybe I was suffering from a cognitive bias that made those books stand out even though they weren’t actually any more prevalent.

Fortunately, Ironic Sans has come to the rescue and convinced me that I am not just seeing things. Not only that, but they’ve done so with a very pretty picture. I can only imagine how long it took to save, crop, and link those pictures to their respective Amazon links.

Its always nice to have someone else back you up independently, and even better when they do it with well-styled html.