Idiotarod New York 2008 Hits The Streets

January 29, 2008
idiotarod 2008 new york kostume kult

Every team brings a different ethos to New York’s annual Running of the Idiots, AKA the Idiotarod. Some teams, like Colonel Angus, are there to race. Some teams, like the Golden Shower Girls, are there to cause havoc. And some teams, like Kostume Kult, are there to preen.

After a marathon cow-building and costume-designing session the night before, Kostume Kult’’s SaKred Kow cart set off at a leisurely pace this past Saturday and took its time enjoying the ride from Chinatown to Red Hook. Clad in a range of oranges that could be described as an assault on the eyes at best, we forsook the race for first in favor of some more wholesome and less goop-covered activities.

Between protesting the local fast-food restaurants, recruiting a Hare Krishna devotee, and stopping at some bars, we managed to escape the worst of the food throwing and cart sabotaging. We also came in so far to the back of the pack, with a time of 3 hours and 36 minutes, that I’‘m not sure if we actually beat any other teams.

Although it would have been nice to win a prize beyond “Best Recruitment of New Members Along the Course,” I can’t fault the judges for giving “Best in Show” to Team Danger Zone. My instinct is to lump 80s nostalgia right in there with pirates and ninjas as lame and unoriginal (at least there was no Team Bayside High) but Team Danger Zone took it to another level with their costumes, cart, music, and sketches.

idiotarod 2008 new york danger zone

Fakework also deserves every bit of applause they get for the effort that obviously went into their Marie Antoinette cart, although they might simply have exploited my weakness for cake and thigh-highs.

idiotarod 2008 new york fakework marie antoinette

And finally I think some credit should go to the Golden Shower Girls despite their having walked away the overwhelming favorite for this year’’s “Most Despised” award. No matter how annoying and dangerous they might have been at the front of the pack, I didn’t have to deal with them in the back and they have my gratitude for spending the morning harassing Team We-Have-Neon-Wigs-And-Drank-Too-Much-This-Morning-And-Could-Not-Be-Any-More-Obnoxious-If-We-Tried.

idiotarod 2008 new york golden shower girls

The full set of photos I took is here and some selected favorites are below.

idiotarod 2008 new york lego men idiotarod 2008 new york idiotarod 2008 new york kostume kult