City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival Is (Almost) Here!

January 31, 2008

City Bakery is pretty well known for its hot chocolate all year round, but during February, in the coldest part of winter, they take their recipe beyond good and into the sublime. Depending on the day you might find your drink (a term I use loosely in deference to its sludge-like and irresistible thickness) will come enhanced with malt, rum, cayenne pepper, or some other in a myriad selection of unusual but well-suited additions.

My personal favorite way to enjoy this involves going on the coldest Saturday or Sunday morning you can bear. Get a small cup (don’t even try for the large) and walk home to your apartment. Having only finished half of the cup in the course of your walk, place the remaining in your refrigerator and wait. (A window sill should do just as well.) After a decent interval, pull the cup out and enjoy the best chocolate pudding you’ve ever had.

Between the hot chocolate on a cold walk and the cold chocolate in a warm apartment, there’s no better way to spend a weekend morning. The schedule, when it is released, can be found here.

Photo by *Reesie