Hello World (Really, This Time)

September 10, 2007

I am starting this public record of my thoughts without much direction in mind. I am uncertain where I will go with it. I am, however, certain that this won’t be abandoned like so many other derelict websites you find scattered across the internet. I am also certain that no one has made such a claim and failed to live up to it. Ever.

What do I expect to write here? Whatever comes to mind when I’m near a computer and bored. I anticipate I will be this site’s only reader in its infancy, through its adolescence, and well into a quarter-life crisis. Maybe I’ll pick up a few misdirected Google users searching for the bassist from RPG and the occasionally family member who knows that I have planted my flag on this little piece of virtual estate.

I am promising myself now that what this will not be is a link-dump of the latest hilarious videos and articles to hit the front page of Digg. Once I am savvy enough to overcome the small obstacle my hosting service has placed in my way, I will have a widget safely to the side here listing the most recent sites/posts/links that I find interesting. That should more than satisfy the public’s thirst for knowledge of which anthropomorphized kitten picture I have found funniest lately.

So what will this be? I believe I’ll keep things simple and respectable: thoughts on books and movies and other cultural miscellany I’ve enjoyed recently, pictures from events I’ve attended, and perhaps an occasional opinion on the political landscape of the moment.

Its very likely that my focus here will change over time. I might widen my purview to include new things or narrow my concerns to one topic alone. Such changes, however, will come none too soon and will come organically when it does.