Deitch Projects' Art Parade

September 11, 2007

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This past Saturday I spent an hour or two sitting on the pavement between Prince and Spring watching a merry procession of New York’s finest lunatics strolling down West Broadway. It was The Art Parade, organized by Deitch Projects. It was as fantastic as I hoped it would be (I missed it last year), although the sheer number and variety of outfits became a bit overwhelming at a certain point.

I might have appreciated the event even more if they cut in half the number of groups and allowed more space between each as they walked. Doing so would have allowed more time for us sitting by the sidewalk to appreciate the spectacle to its fullest. By the Parade’s halfway point I felt numbed to the never-ending wall of fishnets and balloons and puppets and marching bands.

The entire set is here on Flickr, and a select few pictures can be found below:

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One of the few places a blue-feathered Spartan helment looks downright tame.

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I've seen this outfit/character before somewhere. Don't know where though.

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I want one of these costumes so badly.

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Unfortunately, I was unable to get an invitation to an afterparty.