Swiss Institute's Dark Fair Was...Dark

April 1, 2008
Swiss Institute Dark Fair

Despite having a tiny space compared to the number of people standing outside, Swiss Institute pulled off a fairly quiet and unique anti-Armory type show on the 28th of March. Going along with the theme of the evening, I thought it would be unfair to use a flash if the artists themselves weren’t allowed natural or electric light. Turns out I should have allowed for a slightly longer exposure. Whoops.

Swiss Institute Dark Fair Swiss Institute Dark Fair

Also in one of the more poorly-played moments of the evening, I excused myself from a conversation with an artist exhibiting that night to return a missed call from a potential employer. Of course, as soon as I called I was told that I had misread the recent calls screen on my phone; I was the one who had accidentally dialed said potential employer from my pocket in the first place. Between the embarrassing phone call and the conversation unfortunately cut short, I don’t think I’ve failed so hard in recent memory. Double whoops.

The rest of the very few pictures I took at the Dark Fair that night are here.

And some pictures from The Armory Show that afternoon are here.