Stock Options Calculator

July 20, 2015

For some time now I’ve been relying on a slightly hacky and very much home-grown spreadsheet to calculate the approximate value of my accrued stock options. Originally built to help me think about the “to 83b or not to 83b” decision, it hasn’t been updated in a few years. I now rely on it mostly as a method to consider the option/salary tradeoff.

I’ve shared it with a few coworkers, but only ever on a ‘please don’t rely just on this’ basis since I’ve always been nervous of there being some major misstep in my thought process. In the hopes that someone might stumble across it and offer a few tips, I’ve made the doc commentable and embedded a read-only version of it below. Anyone so inclined can click here and add their thoughts.

As a companion piece/primer on options, I also highly recommend this article by Max Schireson, my former CEO at MongoDB - he does a good job of both explaining the core concepts and making concrete suggestions on how to discuss the topic with potential employers.