On The Fly feat. The EMI Catalog

March 21, 2008

Although my ears usually split their time 50/50 between extremely awesome chamber pop and equally terrible deep progressive Balearic house, I do occasionally like to explore the (for me) uncharted territories of “everything else.” Fortunately I have as my guide two music snobs, each in his own right an embarrassingly knowledgeable Virgil in the Hell of the recording industry.

Although Julian Himes always makes for a good source on the Next Big Thing, Buzzy Cohen has the edge when it comes to choice cuts from the past. Suggestions from the former have been available online at the Amie Street blog for some time, but now the latter is taking his show on the road at East Village Radio. I don’t know whether it’s going to be a regular show yet, but the tracklist and link for the inaugural broadcast with co-DJ Jarrett Mason is up here.

Mostly drawing from the catalog and recent acquisitions of EMI Music Publishing, the show covers a pretty wide variety of genres, but sticks close to soul and Motown. Three tracks to keep an eye on:

There’s also a direct link to the streaming audio here.