New York Burning Man Decompression 2007

November 5, 2007

The Queens Museum of Art looked a little different than usual this weekend as various New York Burning Man camps moved in, set up, and rocked out from Saturday afternoon until early Sunday morning. The general consensus I heard was that the location was an amazing choice made even more so by how agreeable the museum’s curators were.

It’s one thing to have the number of people they did (I heard the 2,500 figure tossed about, although I’m not sure how accurate that is.) But for the museum to allow the number of installations and participatory setups they did, especially alongside so much from their own collection, made for a really wonderful atmosphere.

I didn’t feel like rocking the paparazzi vibe the whole night and I left Queens for another party by 1:00 AM anyway, so my pictures are few and far between. A few of my favorite photos are below, and the rest on my flickr page.

20071103-DSC_0024 20071103-DSC_0029 20071103-DSC_0060

Rest of the set can be found here.

And a quick search of flickr turned up some amazing pictures by lovegreg. They aren’t organized into a set yet, but you can still just browse his photostream in reverse chron for great shots from throughout the night.