Morning Gloryville

May 21, 2014

The good news is that a few co-workers and I made it into the Wall Street Journal. The bad news is that we made it into a fluff piece for going to a pre-work party, Morning Gloryville, as opposed to any major work accomplishments. I can only hope this won’t be the pinnacle of my news-worthy accomplishments in life.

Software engineer Emily Stolfo, 29, attended with three co-workers from open-source database MongoDB.

After shimmying at the club, the foursome left. They shedded their layers of colorful clothing, grabbed a bite of breakfast, then headed to the Bedford Avenue L stop so they could get to their company’s Midtown office.

On the fun side, pictures of me ended up in the web and print editions:

-> Morning Gloryville WSJ Rave <-

But of course, reality crashes in when they use the worst possible picture:

-> Morning Gloryville WSJ Rave <-

Looking forward to the next Morning Gloryville on June 18th!