DFA Records & PopRally: Mmmmm, House

March 24, 2008
DFA and PopRally Color Party at MoMA

I wouldn’t usually bother writing down my thoughts on an event three weeks after I’‘ve been, especially with no photos of my own to show, but the PopRally event organizers at MoMA really did an amazing job organizing the DFA Color Chart Party earlier this March. (It is rumored that some photos of my tie-dyed socks are incoming ASAP via the unfailingly prepared Irene.) Of course, my glowing opinion of this most recent soiree is at least a bit affected by how spectacularly disastrous the previous PopRally event went.

That party, June’s Paper Rad feat. Cory Arcangel, was a confluence of pretty much everything that could go wrong at an art museum party. The crux of the problem was that the majority of the event’s open hours were occupied with a cross-media performance which, between my love of glitch music and affection for interactive entertainment not to mention deconstruction thereof, I should have loved. Instead, I spent the whole time wondering how much longer I should stay to justify the $12 I spent on the ticket.

I can even guarantee my memory of the event wasn’t skewed by liquor because I only stayed at the party for about an hour and a half, not nearly long enough to get through the two hour line to the open bar. I think they might have actually been muddling mojitos up there.


I feel a touch bad for opening with the reasons the Paper Rad event went so badly, but it only highlights exactly how awesome the Color Chart party was. There was no line to get in and no line at the (downstairs back-corner) bar, the music ran the perfect mix of vocal and tech house, and there were a ton of people on the dance floor from when I walked in until I walked out at the end.

The exhibition felt a bit like it was thrown together from scattered parts of the permanent collection more as an attempt to draw in viewers than to make a serious argument, but a few different works did stand out enough for me to come back later. Besides, on a Saturday night the gallery was more of a cooling down area from the overheated dancefloor than anything else.

Whatever happened in the months between these two parties, MoMA has definitely got their issues figured out. Last June I walked out of the museum swearing I’d never return to a MoMA party held outside of P.S.1. After breaking that promise and coming back in March, I can’‘t wait for the next one.

Update: I’ve realized that when I’m writing I default to two-dollar words as I grow more and more tired. “Crux,” “confluence,” and “deconstruction” all in one paragraph? That’’s just obnoxious.